Ride Diary

The Woodhall Wheelers have rides on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.  Participation in rides is free for visitors to the area.  Thursday and Sunday rides are planned on a roll-up basis, there is no need to book in advance, except for events which are run by other organisations, where you have to enter their event.  Saturday rides must be pre-booked if you want to guarantee a club member rides with you – please contact the Club in advance via enquiries@woodhallwheelers.co.uk

Thursday rides will be between 30-40 miles, with Saturday rides normally restricted to 20 – 30 miles only, as these are designed for beginners or people just getting back into cycling, so will be at a slower pace dependent on the ability of the riders.  Sunday rides are longer and pre-planned encompassing both flat and hilly routes at an average pace of 15 – 17 mph.  All rides are social rides and we leave and return together, nobody is left behind.

Planned rides are displayed in the table below and anyone wishing to join the rides can click on the highlighted route which will take you to the Ride with GPS site, where you can see a map of the route and download the .gpx or .tcx file.

Remember all riders take part entirely at their own risk, your cycle must be in good safe working order, no liability accepted for injuries sustained. We operate a No Helmet No Ride policy.  Please read Your Ride in preparation for your trip.

Except visitors you must register here before you ride with Woodhall Wheelers; the Club Secretary will then register you with British Cycling.  You are advised to consider joining British Cycling to benefit from a number of perks including third party insurance; Woodhall Wheelers are affiliated to British Cycling and use some of the organisations management tools.


  Start PointTimeRouteLink to routeMilesElev GainCafeŽ StopRemarks
Thu01-FebJust Desserts10:00:00Roll-up35<500MaybeWeather dependent
Sun04-FebJust Desserts10:00:00Local figure of 82 x 20<1500WoodhallRoute will be changed if icy
Thu08-FebJust Desserts10:00:00Roll-up35<500MaybeWeather dependent
Sun11-FebJust Desserts10:00:00Local figure of 82 x 20<1500WoodhallRevised Route
Thu15-FebJust Desserts10:00:00Roll-up35<500Maybe
Sun18-FebJust Desserts10:00:00Navenbyhttp://ridewithgps.com/routes/1047181438<500Navenby Antiques
Thu22-FebJust Desserts10:00:00Roll-up35<500Maybe
Sun25-FebJust Desserts10:00:00Figure of Eighthttp://ridewithgps.com/routes/1085701860<750Bardney StationCut short options after 20&35 miles
Thurs01-MarJust Desserts10:00:00Roll-up35<1000tbdCafŽ stop tbd
Sat03-MarJust Desserts10:00:00Roll-up25<500Finish only1st Saturday Ride
Sun04-MarJust Desserts10:00:00Revesby Sibseyhttp://ridewithgps.com/users/204526/routes42<750Sibsey TraderCafŽ open 11-1700
Thu08-MarJust Desserts10:00:00Roll-up30-40tbdtbdCafŽ stop tbd
Sat10-MarJust Desserts10:00:00Roll-up25<500Finish only
Sun11-MarJust Desserts10:00:00Willingham Donington-on-Bainhttps://ridewithgps.com/routes/1221778842<1500Finish onlyMothers Day
Thu15-MarJust Desserts10:00:00Roll-up30-40tbdtbdCafŽ stop tbd
Sat17-MarJust Desserts10:00:00Roll-up25<500Finish only
Sun18-MarJust Desserts10:00:00Doddington Hallhttps://ridewithgps.com/routes/2666778251<1250Giant CafŽRevised Route
Thu22-MarJust Desserts10:00:00Roll-up30-40tbdtbdCafŽ stop tbd
Sat24-MarJust Desserts10:00:00Roll-up25<500Finish only