Cycling Tips

This page will, in the main, be a list of links to either British Cycling or CTC articles

Puncture Prevention  The top tip in the article is do not ride in the gutter where all the debris accumulates; also, there is a safety benefit in that riding wide discourages drivers from squeezing past.

Repairing a Puncture Out on the road, it is easier to carry a spare inner tube and just change that at the roadside rather than repairing a puncture. But it is good to know what to do anyway.

Winter Proofing Your Bike  Lots of common sense but interesting point on mudguards – have you mudguards on your bike?

You can display your name and phone number on a Garmin GPS Unit just in case you lose it and somebody else finds it.

Riding in the Dark  Ten useful tips from British Cycling.

Lighting Regulations  A useful reminder from the CTC on what lights and reflectors must be used after lighting up time.

Group Riding  A useful video illustrating the benefits of group riding rather than ‘riding the same way on the same day’.

Sportives If you have never ridden a Sportive, but fancy giving one a go, find out from British Cycling what they are all about.

Do Your Use an App to Record Your Ride  Daily Mail article on bike thefts associated with the use of apps like Strava – the message is clear ‘check your privacy settings’.

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